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Local Advertising in Birmingham

Online advertising is by far the most inexpensive form of advertising today.

However online advertising vehicles for Birmingham Metropolitan  Area are are very limited and Birmingham Lights is very proud to offer these two affordable plans.

Advertising on Birmingham Lights requires no long term commitments or Pay-per-click costs. Our plans cover this website, Birmingham Lights Mobile App and Birmingham Business Directory which is licensed to many other websites.

Visibility Package

Choose this package if you want people to know that you exist, so that when they seek out for the services you offer, you will be found. 

This is very important for each business and each website. Think of it as a listing in Yellow Pages.

What You Get:

A side-effect of buying this package is a nice Google Boost you will get to your website. This is because your website will be reviewed by a human editor at Birmingham Lights, and such reviews and listings are established to be superior business listings by Search Engines.



Branding Package

Choose this package if you need more visitors to your website or store.


We will design and show your banner one million times, geo-targeted to residents in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

When compared with radio, TV, Billboard or Newspaper, or Yellow Page advertising this is an unbeatable value.

To get this type of exposure from an Advertising Agency you will spend at least 10 times as much!

Coupons for Our Readers

We welcome specially priced coupons for readers of Birmingham Light. Please contact us for details. Pricing starts at $15/month.

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Press Releases

We welcome Press Releases from Birmingham businesses and institutions. Please email them to us as text files (so we can cut and paste).

We also participate in a Story Discovery Service so your press releases get distributed in almost impossible to reach audiences.

We Thank Our Sponsors!