Birmingham Lights Birmingham Business Directory Interview with iJumps Issac David

Interview with iJump's Issac David


Birmingham Lights: Congratulations on the first anniversary of iJump the ultimate kid's adventure! I am sure iJump will enhance the thrill of children's parties and add to the quality of living in Birmingham. Please explain briefly to our readers who might not know about iJump what iJump is.

iJump: iJump is Birmingham's largest indoor inflatable playground featuring over 21000 square feet of FUN! iJump is also home to a world class arcade, a rock climbing wall, and indoor electric go-karts. The facility also has five uniquely themed birthday party rooms. Whether it's open play with your grandson, a team party for 20, or a private event for 200 iJump creates a fun and memorable experience.

iJump's Party Limo

Birmingham Lights: But why an indoor facility?

iJump: Imagine the scenario: Your seven year old daughter's birthday is scheduled for Saturday at your house. You've rented inflatables, mowed the grass, bought invitations, cleaned the inside of the house and spent a lot of time and effort getting ready to create memories. Plus you have 15 little girls coming over, but Friday night the clouds roll in thunder and it rains like the great flood. The rain continues into Saturday. Party moved inside. Little girls disappointed. Need I say more?

You never have to worry about having a party canceled due to the weather at iJump. iJump features over 21000 square feet of air conditioned and heated comfort.

Birmingham Lights: What are the safety procedures y'all are taking?
iJump:  All of our employees are trained to supervise and maximize the iJump experience. Each employee trains on specific attractions and becomes an expert in that area; however, we also cross train so employees will know how to work other areas in the building.

Birmingham Lights: What is the relationship of a slow economy and a kid's party place?
iJump: iJump birthday parties are affordable for everyone. We have all inclusive parties starting at $225 for 13 children. Adults always play for free at iJump.

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