Terrace Court Apartments

Terrace Court Apartments
1124 20th Street South, Birmingham Ala

Built in 1907, this major Five Points South landmark was developed by Richard Massey, an energetic and farsighted entrepreneur who lived up Highland Avenue a few blocks away.

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Terrace Court Apartments were the first large "sky scraper" apartments in Birmingham and an early one in the southeast, a harbinger of the changing nature of Five Points residential patterns and a spacious and elegant alternative to a private house. Designed in the Beaux Arts style and faced in buff brick with terra cotta ornament over a concrete frame, the building is H shaped with a deep central court and originally, front- to back apartments; it also featured a dining room, game rooms on the lower floors, and a roof garden. Internally cut-up in the mid-20th century as Five Points declined, it has been the subject of later rehabilitations that have sought to restore some of its historic features, the most recent in the year 2006.

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